Women in Leadership positions in the media/entertainment industry How do the “glass ceiling” and “sticky floor” phenomenons contribute to the lack of female leadership in the media industry?

Length: 5 pages (excluding the reference page); Your paper should be typed, double-spaced on standard-sized paper (8.5”x11”) with 1” margins on all sides. You should use the Times New Roman font (12pt. font size). If you fail to do so (such as tempering with the margins, using bigger font sizes, etc.), you can expect to see grade deductions.
Because this is a research paper, I expect you to do additional work beyond the readings for class. I expect you to have at least 10 sources, five of which must be academic sources, and two of those academic sources coming from class readings. Your sources will be used to provide background information, to support your opinion, or to counter existing/dominant arguments.  Also, you will need to use proper in-text citations (in APA, MLA, or Chicago – I’m okay with any style as long as you use them accurately and consistently throughout the paper) and a reference page on a separate page at the very end. Again, failing to do so will lead you to grade deductions.
Your paper should be consisted of an Introduction, Background Information, Analysis and Discussion, and Conclusion.
Introduction: You should clearly state your topic and describe your narrowed subject area, a rationale on why you are doing this research (or why it’s important to do this research), your thesis statement that presents the core questions you will answer in your paper, and an overview of the organization/structure of your paper.

  • TOPIC: Women in Leadership positions in the media/entertainment industry
  • How do the “glass ceiling” and “sticky floor” phenomenons contribute to the lack of female leadership in the media industry?

Background information: This is where you start to describe your topic in more detail by providing the broad overview of the subject, introduction to key issues, existing scholarship/research on the topic, major dates and events, what is missing in existing works, your research questions, and what you hope your research can add to existing scholarly works on the topic.

  • Women in the workplace
  • Explain glass ceiling and sticky floor

Analysis and Discussion: Here you will answer your research questions based on your observation/investigation of your case(s) and apply the insights from the readings and class discussions to the topic of your paper. It is important you have a clear understanding of the readings and that you do not cherry pick quotes from the readings. Your arguments and opinions will need to be supported with clear evidence and facts rather than be mere generalizations. It’s not about whether your opinion is right or wrong but whether it can be justified or unjustified.

  • What differences in leadership style are notable between men and women leaders?
  • Do female leaders experience a glass ceiling in job assignments and/or promotion opportunities?
  • After promotion, do female leaders experience a lack of support and/or challenges to their leadership?
  • Do female leaders experience heightened scrutiny and/or performance pressures that limit their growth within companies?

Conclusion: You will provide a clear summary, elegant synthesis, and new insights/perspectives relevant to your central argument here.
Reference Page: At the very end of your paper, on a separate page you will include all of the sources you have used in your paper: journal articles, books, Internet resources, interviews, videos, films, etc. (again, make sure you use the citational style you used in text).

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