World Explorer Paper

Students will partake in an intercultural communication experience outside of class and write a 2-page, double spaced paper on your observations.  The experience can take any form you wish.  Some suggestions include: attending a cultural festival, going to a cultural center (Morikami Museum, Little Haiti Cultural Center, Hindu Society of America, Miccosukee Cultural Center, etc.) a religious service, a dinner party for a holiday you have never celebrated before, having lunch at a fully authentic and traditional restaurant, etc.  Simply attending, however, is not enough.  You must partake in the situation by speaking with people and experiencing new customs.  Focus on your five senses (How do you feel?  What do you see?  What do you hear?  What do you smell?  And, if you’re eating food, what does it taste like?).  You must evaluate how this experience made you a more competent intercultural communicator.  What did you gain from this experience?  Make sure to relate theories and concepts from class into your paper and reasons why you came to the assumptions you have made.

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