Write a 9 page paper based on The Tempest by william shakespeare, focus mainly o

Write a 9 page paper based on The Tempest by william shakespeare, focus mainly on cultural Studies, and the concept of religion in The Tempest and the role Prosperous plays with his magic power to control the island. Connect it back to the real world when the play was written and how religion controls the 1610th century.
Use these article:
Article #1: The Discourse of Prayer in “The Tempest” by Tom McAlindon
Article #2: Recovering Something Christian about “The Tempest” By John D. Cox
Article #3: Shakespeare and “The Tempest,” IV By: Francis Neilson
Article #4: Magdalena Cieślak University of Łódź Authority in Crisis? The Dynamic of the
how this essay addresses this specific area of cultural Studies, and remember to limit your discussion of the text and your discussion of outside material to that information needed to defend your particular argumentative thesis. formulate your own thesis, and you must now express and support your own ideas in such a way as to indicate why what you have to say is important and true and why it is of interest to those in the and the academic community engaged in analysis of your text and area. Focus on what kind of an argument and what kind of details would you need to see to be convinced.
– this essay must have a clearly identifiable thesis that expresses a particular opinion specific to your own distinct reading of the text.
-Your thesis must be complicated enough to be worth writing about in 8 pages, but must be a subject that you can cover in such a short space. It must deal with an issue that is interesting and thought provoking for your reader, and must take on an issue that is not easily answered by any and all readers of the text.
-In order to make your opinion worth listening to, you must clearly lay out a logical argument that supports your own point of view. One paragraph should lead into the next and each paragraph should work to support the general argument of the essay as a whole.
-Your essay must respond to an argument or arguments within the current scholarly discussion on your text and area. You must recognize what other “They Says” have come before and position your “I Say” as a response to this discourse.
-You must engage with the potential counter argument to your thesis, this might mean refuting or complicating a particular author’s argument, or it might mean constructing your argument in such a way as to preempt possible counterarguments to your thesis.
-Your essay must be a polished work of prose worthy of being presented for grading. You must review and edit your writing sufficiently enough before handing it in to an instructor for evaluation so as to have eliminated most, if not all, linguistic mistakes and instantly recognizable grammatical errors. In addition, your essay must be written in MLA style with appropriate citation.
-Your essay must contain a full bibliography, documented in MLA style, with annotations on each outside text that summarize the argument or each piece and explain how you are using it in your essay. This section does not count towards the 8-10 page length requirement.
Documentation style: MLA

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