Write a two to three page paper discussing a particularly violent children’s game or movie that you grew up with.

Write a two to three page paper discussing a particularly violent children’s game or movie that you grew up with. If your parents were strict or you didn’t grow up in the country, discuss a current violent game or movie that is marketed to children. NOTE: Please, for the sake of my sanity, no one is allowed to write about any game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.
Examine (but feel free to discuss other things):

  • Did that game or movie adhere to or against any the moral schools of thought we’ve discussed?
  • Do you feel the violence makes the game/movie more or less effective?
  • Would the content be positively or negatively affected if the work was censored?

Use your readings as well as class screenings to justify and illustrate your points. Late papers will lose a letter grade for each day they are late.

  1. 750-1000 words typewritten in 12-point Times Roman font. If you are 100 words over or under the length you will be penalized. WORKS CITED PAGE IS NOT INCLUDED IN WORD COUNT.


  1. Double spaced, with standard one inch margins.


  1. Include page numbers


  1. Put your name on your paper, and start your electronic document title with your name.


  1. Include a works cited page if you quote books and articles.


  1. Include a thesis statement in your paper.


  1. When submitting your document, DO NOT put special characters in your document name (#, @).
  2. Please save in Word or RTF format. PLEASE SUBMIT IN ONLY THESE FORMATS.

Grading Rubric Assignment 3
Paper: 10 points
Basic Requirements: 2 points
Paper fits the requirements (word count, page numbers, double spaced)
Thesis Statement: 2 points
Thesis is specific, precise, succinct [2]
Transitions link paragraphs
Conclusion wraps up assignment
Topic Addressed Well: 2 points
Explanations are well-thought out, meaningful, and intelligently stated
Analysis is correctly explained and/or supported; argument is valid
Writing-Style: 2 pts.
Paper is well-written, with good language choices and a strong authorial voice
Mechanics: 2 points
Paper is free of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical mistakes

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