Writing Prompt: You will have 3 hours to write a minimum of 1,100 words (about 4

Writing Prompt:
You will have 3 hours to write a minimum of 1,100 words (about 4

Writing Prompt:
You will have 3 hours to write a minimum of 1,100 words (about 4 pages) in MLA format.
For this assignment, write an academic essay on Beowulf: The Graphic Novel.
In your academic essay, explain Joseph Campbell’s concept of the Hero’s Journey and analyze how the following three steps (The Ordinary World, The Call to Adventure, and the Return with the Elixir) are demonstrated and contribute to the overall meaning of your assigned story.
Write an academic essay in MLA format that is a minimum of 1,100 words (about 4 pages).
DO NOT use any outside sources for this essay.
Please use the assigned story and “Hero’s Journey 101.” Actions
Essays that don’t address the assigned story or steps will earn up to a 50%.
Essays that use APA or any other format other than MLA or that include ANY outside sources will earn a maximum of 50% on the assignment. Students who do any of the preceding will not be allowed to revise the assignment for a higher score.
Begin with an introductory paragraph that hooks your reader’s attention, provides background information about the Hero’s Journey and your chosen story, and leads seamlessly into a clearly stated thesis.
Develop at least three body paragraphs by beginning with clear topic sentences that introduce the step of the Hero’s Journey you will be discussing in that paragraph.
In each body paragraph, choose, introduce, and explain one of the assigned steps of the “Hero’s Journey” by providing a quote from “Hero’s Journey 101.” Then, analyze the connection between the step of the “Hero’s Journey” and a particular scene in the story you’ve chosen to write about by incorporating at least one quoted passage.
Include at least 2 quoted passages in each body paragraph–at least one from the story and at least one from the “The Hero’s Journey 101”.Actions Quoted evidence should be incorporated thoughtfully and thoroughly into the essay by doing the following: establishing context,
introducing the quoted passages,
explaining how the passages support the main ideas of the body paragraphs and the essay as a whole, and
using proper MLA format to cite the texts.
Conclude your essay with a reflection of the story, the Hero’s Journey, and what we, your readers, can gain or learn from your analysis of the Hero’s Journey.
A Works Cited page is not required for this assignment since it is a timed essay and we are only using sources from the Canvas container.
Submitting the Assignment:
Be sure to proofread your writing before submitting it for a final grade.
Upload your finished essay as a .doc, .docx, or pdf file only.

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