You will select one theory and write a paper integrating this theory with counse

You will select one theory and write a paper integrating this theory
with counse

You will select one theory and write a paper integrating this theory
with counseling skills. At this point in your journey to becoming a counselor, you will want to
establish a strong foundation that guides your work with clients. By selecting one theory, you will
create a clear intent in all that you do as a counselor. Once you have many years of practice and
experience, you may begin to implement a more integrated approach. However, to do so ethically
requires a mastery of more than one theory. This begins by mastering a single theory. Over the
course of this semester, you will select a theory to further explore, understand, and implement
throughout your graduate program. This assignment is designed to help you begin this in-depth
study on your chosen theory (note: the theory chosen must be one covered in this class). For this
paper, you will need to follow APA7th Edition guidelines (double-spaced, Running head, size
12 font, one-inch margins, etc.). Please use the following subheadings within your paper:
Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, Section 4, and Section 5. In addition to your textbook, you will
need to include a minimum of three (3) additional resources (e.g., journal articles, other
textbooks). If these resources are journal articles, they must be published within the last ten years.
If they are books, they may have older publication dates if they are written by the theory founder.
This paper must be between 8-10 pages (excluding Title Page and Reference Page). Points will
be deducted for shorter and longer papers. Please see the assignment rubric (See Appendix B) for
grading criteria. This assignment requires you select a single theory and address the following:
Section 1:
Briefly describe your selected theory in terms of human nature, goals, methods, and
evaluation (i.e., how you know if you are successful in your counseling endeavors. For
example, how will you know that you helped your client?).
Section 2:
Refer to “Personal Characteristics of Effective Counselors” that was given to in the first-
class meeting (see Week1 module on Canvas). Select three characteristics that are your
strengths and three that you believe you need to further develop. Explain your
understanding of why each characteristic is either a strength or area for improvement.
Section 3:
Refer to the Counseling Skills Evaluation (CSE) that is on Canvas (see Week1 module on
Canvas) and indicate three skills are easy to perform for you (and why), and three skills
are more difficult for you (and why). Also, indicate which skills may be easily
incorporated into your preferred theory (and why).
Section 4:
Describe the population you expect to work with as a counselor. Identify two or three
themes (or presenting problems) that your clients will likely bring to counseling. Reflect
on how your selected theory is appropriate for this population and particular problem set.
Section 5:
Identify some implications for your future counseling experiences based on this summary.
Also, include the specific strengths and weaknesses of your selected theory

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