You will use the Action Research Proposal Template to complete this assignment.

You will use the Action Research Proposal Template to complete this assignment. It is located in the Resources.
This assignment is the first component of your Action Research project, wherein you will write the introduction to your action research proposal. The introduction will include a description of the problem and the results of your needs assessment.
Complete the following tasks:
1.Describe the epidemiology issue of interest, which is a problem within a community. This could be a problem you have been aware of for some time or have recently learned about through research. You should describe why you chose the problem. Address the following questions in your description: ◦What is the etiology?
◦What is the prevalence and incidence?
◦Why did you choose this problem to explore further? Does this relate to you on a personal level?
2.Explain the results of your needs assessment. Now that you have described the epidemiology issue and why you selected it, you need to explore the problem further through the needs assessment you began in Unit 1. This will help you clearly identify the scope of the problem so you can determine the best solution. Address the following questions: ◦What is the scope of the problem? ◦How many people are impacted?
◦Who is impacted? How could it potentially impact them?
◦What is the reason this disease is a burden on the population? Consider reasons such as lack of access to information and health care.
◦What has previously been done to eliminate or mitigate the problem? What were the results?
Other Requirements
Your paper should meet the following requirements:
•Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
•APA format: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting.
•Length of paper: A minimum of two typed, double-spaced pages.
•Font and font size: Arial, 10 point
Please review the Introduction and Problem Identification Scoring Guide to ensure you understand the grading criteria for this assignment.

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