Case Study Case study: One garbled memo – 26 baffled phone calls Joanne supervis

Case Study
Case study: One garbled memo – 26 baffled phone calls
Joanne supervised 36 professionals in 6 city libraries. To cut the costs of unnecessary overtime, she issued this one-sentence memo to her staff:
When     workloads increase to a level requiring hours in excess of an employee’s     regular duty assignment, and when such work is estimated to require a full     shift of eight (8) hours or more on two (2) or more consecutive days, even     though unscheduled days intervene, an employee’s tour of duty shall be     altered so as to include the hours when such work must be done, unless an     adverse impact would result from such employee’s absence from his     previously scheduled assignment.
After the 36 copies were sent out, Joanne’s office received 26 phone calls asking what the memo meant. What the 10 people who didn’t call about the memo thought is uncertain. It took a week to clarify the new policy.
Memos are the primary means of in-house communication in US businesses. After reading the case, answer the following questions: 
1. What are the major mistakes in this memo that led to workers’ misunderstanding?
What are some of the techniques      Joanne might follow to improve this memo?
Critical Thinking
3. Describe a situation in your experience where the communication went wrong. Analyze that situation taking the following criteria into your consideration: 
– The type and the medium of communication
– The communication barriers 



Submit a 500-word response paper related to information found in Case Study 4 –

Submit a 500-word response paper related to information found in Case Study 4 – “Leadership in Theory and Practice Case Studies” found at: on the Personal Leadership Resources (specific to the case study)
Ability to perceive emotions
recognizing one’s own emotional response
Managing emotions
reflecting on our own emotional response and their potential consequences
Act in emotionally appropriate ways
being able to control what emotions guide our actions
Systems thinking



Course Learning Outcomes-Covered  Ø Demonstrate a solid understanding of the con

Course Learning Outcomes-Covered 
Ø Demonstrate a solid understanding of the concepts and models for making strategies to face challenges and improve the performance of technology based enterprises. (Lo 1.2)
Assignment 2  Marks: 10   
‘Tesla and its flamboyant, and sometimes erratic, innovator Elon Musk have turned the more than a century old industry upside down in a mere 16 years. Traditional automakers are ill prepared to compete in today’s software-centered world. Unlike nimble Tesla, they are big, bureaucratic, slow to respond to customers, dependent on providing customer financing for unit sales growth, and culturally different from a software company. Tesla’s speed in innovation in the market for high-end vehicles is more like a Google or an Amazon than an automaker. And its soaring market valuation is a clear sign to all automakers that they’ll need to develop more innovative, Tesla-like business models in order to survive.’ 
Harvard Business Review. February 28, 2020 
As per your Textbook –  
‘Tesla’s cars had rapidly attracted a large and loyal fan base, and sales were growing at an impressive rate. However, designing and launching multiple major car platforms while building a large-scale battery company, a network of charging stations, and operating Solar City was a lot for a company to take on in its first fifteen years. This left some analysts scratching their heads. Was Tesla trying to do too much too quickly?’   
Students are requested to read Chapter 6 Defining the Organization’s Strategic Direction of their textbooks. With the conceptual knowledge from Chapter 6 and your own research, answer the following questions. 
Q1- How would you characterize competition in the Auto Industry?  (3Mark) (200 -300 words)
Q2- What do you think are Tesla’s core competencies? Does it have any sources of sustainable competitive advantage?   (3Marks) (300 -500 words)
Q3- What do you think Tesla’s (or Elon Musk’s) strategic intent is?  (4Mark) (300 -500 words)
Support your answer with valid points from the Textbook and other references.
NOTE: It is mandatory for the students to mention their references, sources and support each answer with at least 2 peer reviewed journal.



Unit III PUA 5307 Mission Statement Presentation  In this assignment, select a p

Unit III PUA 5307
Mission Statement Presentation 
In this assignment, select a public  sector organization or nonprofit organization that you currently work  for or with, have previously worked for or with, or have a special  interest in, and assume that you are involved with the strategic  planning process for that organization. You are still in the initial  stages; however, your team has been tentatively assembled, and you have  agreed upon resource allocations, performance measures, and short-term  goals. At this point, you want to develop or update the organization’s  mission statement. Assume that you have not conducted a stakeholder  analysis yet, which you may want to do as you draft the mission  statement. 
For this assignment, you have the  option to create a PowerPoint presentation (with accompanying audio  components/portions) or a YouTube video to address each aspect of the  finalized mission statement (e.g., organization’s purpose, citizen  interest, and stakeholder needs), and you will need to provide your  rationale for why each aspect was added to the mission statement. You  should include at least four distinct components in the mission  statement, and the rationale for each of these four portions should  include a recorded oral explanation (no less than 25 seconds each). 
If you choose to create a PowerPoint  presentation, you will utilize the slide notes function to elaborate on  the information on each slide. Additionally, your PowerPoint  presentation must also include the previously mentioned audio components  to correspond with each mission statement component. 



Discuss different paradigms of multi-professional practice. Select a paradigm or

Discuss different paradigms of multi-professional practice. Select a paradigm or model of professional practice and discuss this in your post from the following perspectives:
Discuss and define a macrosystem.
Review your current professional practice focus model as it relates to a macrosystem intervention.
Use APA format and three peer reviewed journal from 2016 upwards do not use textbook or website
This course is for Doctorate nursing program.
Write 2 pages.



Research and then describe your company’s(Target Corporation) primary business a

Research and then describe your company’s(Target Corporation) primary business activities. Include:
Include information from a variety of resources. For example:
Consult the Form 10-K filed with the SEC.
Review the Annual Report and especially the Letter to Shareholders
Explore the corporate website.
Select at least two significant news items from recent business periodicals



Instructions For this assignment, you have been asked by appropriate federal aut

For this assignment, you have been asked by appropriate federal authorities to create a new public agency. This agency could be a non-profit, new federal or state agency, or an agency at the local level. The agency should have direct contact with people and should provide key public resources. You are expected to appoint a team of five (5) professionals to help develop this agency.
Your assignment should include the name and type of organization, purpose of the agency, services provided, organization’s structure and culture, the different departments or divisions within the agency, and the types of policies that govern this agency, such as public law XXX. Be sure to include the following in your assignment:
Describe each member of your team and specify the role they play in creating the agency.
Explain the core mission and purpose of the organization within the public sector.
Determine any applicable management challenges and limitations.
Document the types of polices associated with this agency.
Specify the type of leadership within this organization.
The following should also be included:
Provide an executive summary briefing to introduce this assignment.
Indicate where this organization is located.
Identify the main consumers and stakeholders.
Interpret the theories associated with the management style(s) within this agency.
Support your assignment with at least seven scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including seminal articles, may be included.
Length: 12-15 pages, not including title and reference pages.
Your assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.



Course Learning Outcomes: Develop awareness and understanding of cultural      a

Course Learning Outcomes:
Develop awareness and understanding of cultural      and national differences related to ethics.
Write coherent project about a case study or an      actual research about ethics. 
Assignment Instructions: 
Login to Saudi Digital Library (SDL).
Search for the article entitled as Taken for a      Ride: Fraud at the Ministry of Transport Case. by Gee & Bridgman (2019).      in SAGE Business Cases.
Besides this research paper use other relevant      material to support your answers.
1- Why is the ability for employees to ‘blow the whistle’ important for the reputation of organizations? Consider this in relation to the case. ( words 150-200).
2- What aspects of the ministry’s culture made it more/less likely that staff concerns about Harrison
would be taken seriously? ( words 150-200).  
3- What actions would you take to develop a culture at the ministry that encourages and rewards
employees who speak up about inappropriate behavior? ( words 150-200).
4. Based on your understanding of the reputation matrix, how do you describe the type of leadership exemplified in this case by Martin Matthews? Why? ( words 150-200)



Strategic Analysis of Company. :McDonald’s Describe the company’s internal envir

Strategic Analysis of Company. :McDonald’s Describe the company’s internal environment.List  the company’s external factors.List the Company’s internal competitive advantages.How does the company differentiate itself from its competitors?Where is your company on the industry’s life cycle?Does your company have a cost-leadership position in this business? If so, identify which cost drivers it uses effectively to hold this position.What is your company’s approach to the market? Does it segment the market?Is your company vertically integrated? Explain.Explain your company’s global strategy.Questions and answers 



Walmart Satisfaction of Three Stakeholders: :  1.  Identify any three stakeholde

Satisfaction of Three Stakeholders: : 
1.  Identify any three stakeholders in Walmart that may affected by proposed change.
2.  Explain how proposed change will satisfy each of the three stakeholders identified.
Ethical and Social Responsibility: 
1.  Do the organization’s views on ethical standards conform to or differ from their practices? Provide justification.
2.  In what way does the organization practice corporate social responsibility and how does it provide the organization with a competitive advantage? If you cannot identify areas of corporate social responsibility, provide a recommendation on how the organization can behave in a socially responsible manner to create a competitive advantage?
3.  Explain how these views and practices impact the three stakeholders.
You are required to use at least two external scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook, to provide evidence. The rationale should be justified; this should not be completed based on an opinion. One of the sources should directly relate to the company discussed in the presentation and one to the comparison organization. These sources must be cited within the presentation, not just provided as references at the end of the presentation.
Additionally, speaker notes are required. Include detailed speaker notes within the PowerPoint presentation in the designated slide field.
3 to 5 slide PowerPoint presentation.
Propose Change
•  Employees not feeling valued 
•  Employees are not motivated=poor customer service
•  Walmart failed to put finances on employees
•  High turn over rates
•  Lack of leadership skills overseeing the day-to-day operation
•  Compensation and benefits for employee retention 
•  Need to develop a subsystem of transformation