Ethical Issues in Human Services  Paper Part I – Locate and read a Code Of Ethi

 Ethical Issues in Human Services 
Part I – Locate and read a Code Of Ethi

 Ethical Issues in Human Services 
Part I – Locate and read a Code Of Ethics or Standards of Practice which is related to one human service occupation of your choice/interest (nurses, social workers, psychologists, counselors, human service professionals, etc.) Utilize this Code of Ethics and complete the following:
Cite the specific Code of Ethics/Standards of Practice you are using in your paper. Identify and explain three (3) key concepts or standards upon which that code of ethics or standards of practice is based (For example – concepts are: confidentiality, duty to warn, informed consent, a professional’s responsibility to clients, etc.). An article further explaining what concepts are is provided in this week’s Resources folder. 
Part II – Using the below noted scenario, apply one of the identified concepts or specific standards from your chosen Code of Ethics to resolve the dilemma. Include in your resolution the following:
Identify the ethical issues in this scenario
Be specific about the ethical issues. List and explain them briefly (Example – Confidentiality – Confidentiality is defined as ….)
Could a client or Human Service professional be adversely effected by this ethical dilemma? If yes, how?
How would you apply your selected concept or Standard to this scenario to resolve it
What, if any current legislation, can you use to help you with resolving this dilemma?
Your paper should be 3-5 pages in length (no less than 3, no more than 5). The sources that you use to identify a Code of Ethics, concepts, etc. must be properly cited using APA format in-text citations and on an APA format References page at the conclusion of your paper.
Attached Resources folder with a number of links to resources that can assist you with completing your final project. This by no means is an exhausted listing of sources available to you. Any source that you use must be from a scholarly, peer reviewed journal, article, etc.
Resource Folder Links:
Jesse is a 16-year old high school student. She has discovered that she is pregnant and is thinking about having an abortion. Jesse was born to teenage parents, so she knows they will never allow her to terminate the pregnancy or place the baby up for adoption. Jesse goes to see the school counselor to talk about her situation. During the conversation with the counselor, Jesse discloses that she has a history of self-harm, via cutting her arms and legs with a razor but recently stopped this behavior. Jesse explains she has urges to self-harm again because she can’t bear the thought of having to tell her parents that she is pregnant or having to raise a baby at only 16 years old.  (Note – Jesse attends school in New York State)
Course Materials- Becoming a Helper, Corey G and Corey S, 8th edition, Cengage Learning ISBN-10: 0357366301 Mindtap

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